Every active user of social networks knows well about their new trend ? lifestreaming, online translation or video streaming, and you can name it as you wish. It is targeted at people, who are afraid to miss some critical moment, so-called FOMO (fear of missing out). Mostly video streaming is using on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks.


There are several reasons for that:

– Urgency factor. When a person is afraid to miss something right now

–  A big interest in the person who is conducting this or that video streaming (for example, some media person)

–  A fear to miss the moment or essential message (that is FOMO about which we?ve told before)

–  A fast connection, an ability to get feedback on the topic of interest in the real-time

Also, these statistic facts play an important role as well:

–  59% of people prefer online translation to traditional TV

–  87% of people likes to watch TV shows online

All these facts have influenced the raising of video streaming popularity. And what do people prefer to watch?

  1.      Sports translations ? 29%
  2.      Video of friends and relatives ? 30%
  3.      Music concerts, shows, and events ? 38%
  4.      Actual news ? 41%
  5.      Entertainment and funny videos ? 53%

It is not a secret that in modern technological age all social networks are used not only for personal purposes but for business ones as well. The Internet gives a lot of opportunities either to start your business or to improve it. That’s why almost every modern company has accounts in networks, and it is a genuine mistake not to use their possibilities. The same is with video streaming.


–  You should focus on one thing ? choose one specific topic for the particular translation and devote all time to it

–  Give your followers an opportunity to communicate online ? connect the chat or answer the questions online. It will help you to raise the viewers? interest

–  A stable connection and good quality of translation ? check that you have the good Internet and check the sound quality. According to the statistics, 62% of people have a negative attitude to a brand which leads to video streaming bad


–  To show the real life of your company, to open some small secrets ? many potential customers are waiting for it

–  To communicate with the audience in the real-life regime. Online translation is a great way to allow your potential customers to ask questions online

–  To show ?inside? of your product. You will gain more trust in the costumes by demonstrating details of your company’s work

–  To share information about your product as a ?virus.? Some time ago viral advertisement cost quite a significant amount of money, and now you can spread it free employing video streaming.

As you can see video streaming can be not only interesting for entertainment but useful for the business. That is the main reason for its popularity.