Solar energy is an endless and renewable source of energy that is used both for thermal and electrical energies. Besides, solar energy is entirely environmentally sound and doesn’t have any harmful effect on our planet. Those aspects belong to the fact that the popularity of solar technology is raising from year to year and the population of the whole world is monitoring its development.

It is interesting that solar technology is associated with new age technology and has appeared in common usage quite recently, although its first steps of development are dated to the XIX century. But only at the end of the XX century people began to use solar system for their houses. And nowadays more and more citizens of different countries prefer solar panels for the energy source to supply their homes. Here is the list of 10 countries, which are the undoubted leaders in the production and consumption of solar energy (in descending order):

  1.      Germany
  2.      China
  3.      Japan
  4.      Italy
  5.      USA
  6.      France
  7.      Spain
  8.      Australia
  9.      Belgium
  10.  South Korea

When we talk about renewables, solar technology is usually the first thing that comes to our mind. Some time ago it was sharply criticized due to expensiveness and non-efficiency, but solar energy demonstrated itself like very advantageous, both for the environment and for finances. Besides, it is developing fast because of the rather big demand for this efficient source of clean energy.


1.Solar energy is a renewable one. It is one of the most relevant features of solar technology. It could be exploited in every corner of the world and is available forever. Solar energy couldn’t be finished or used up. Solar energy will be approachable while there is the sun.

2. Reduction of payment for electricity. You will be surprised how the cost of your electricity bills will fall after the installation of solar panels. The amount of savings will depend on how big your solar system is and your power consumption.

3. Varied implementations. Solar technology may be used for different reasons. You can produce either electricity or heat. Besides, solar technology can generate electricity in territories that are not accessible to the energy grid or to distill water in areas where clean water is limited.

4. Low-cost upkeep. Typically, solar technology doesn’t need much maintenance. There are only two essential requirements ? you should keep the solar panels clean (you can clean it few times in the year on your own or hire the specialists) and to change the inverter once in 5-10 years. Also, the cables need to have technical support from time to time to be sure that your system has the highest efficiency. So you don’t need to spend much time and money on the solar panels? maintenance.

5. Development of solar technology. The solar power industry doesn’t stand. Still, that’s why solar technology is improving steadily. It becomes more efficient, stronger and more convenient in usage.

Solar technology is the real technology of the future. Scientists promise to work further in this direction and to do new inventions and upgrades.