We believe that almost every person knows about torrents. They are used for sharing entirely various files ? movies, TV shows, songs, games, diverse programs, and apps. Floods are often associated with piracy although they are entirely legitimate ? you will break the law only if you download or share content which is protected with the author?s rights. Nevertheless, due to users who illegally copy the content many countries and Internet providers block the torrent sites and find the ones who download torrent files. You can get access to these sites employing VPN services.

VPN app can change your location, so you can visit sites from the region where working with torrents is allowed and download the content freely. The market presents several free VPN for torrents, but they all have some definite limits. Some of them have a limited amount of servers, and others restrict the network capacity. Also, there are VPN services with criminal purpose, and their aim is to keep track of users? activity.

If you need a good free VPN for working with torrents, there are some excellent suggestions.


1.  Express VPN. The main features: you can connect to more than ninety countries, it has easy installment and usage, it remains an excellent variant for torrents.

Although ExpressVPN is not entirely free, it is provided with a guaranteed refund in 30 days. It fits perfectly to ones who want to test VPN. ExpressVPN has excellent speed, unlimited data links, and servers for torrents. That makes it is one of the best choices among VPN.

2.  Cyberghost. Cyberghost the main features: you can connect only one device via one account, it allows you to relate only to 3 servers, bandwidth limit is 2 Gb.

Cyberghost is a fast service that has apps for each popular platform including iPhone and Android. But free version allows you to connect only to 3 servers and rate limiting will be 2 Gb per month. Cyberghost supports PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IPSec. Although you have the limit choice of servers, you can download torrents almost without any limits. One of the main users choice for torrent dowload is Cyberghost torrenting.

3.  Windscribe. The main features: an unlimited amount of devices can be connected to, there are only 11 servers, bandwidth limit is 10 Gb.

Windscribe represents 10 Gb bandwidth per month, which means that you can download big-size torrent files. This service has apps for many platforms plus a strong ad blocker. Unfortunately, in the free version, you can choose only among 11 servers that can lead to the low speed of the connection.

4.  NordVPN. The main features: it has 30 days money-back guarantee, it provides support 24/7, double data encryption is represented.

NordVPN is a reliable service with many benefits. It focuses on the privacy and security of the users. NordVPN will please you with the high-speed absence of some strict limits. Besides, it is straightforward in usage on any platforms.

5.  Betternet. The main features: it has unlimited bandwidth, apps for every platform and OpenVPN protocol.

Betterment is a different VPN which provides you with free services in exchange for watching the advertisement. Of course, this process is quite dull and irritating sometimes, but you will get free access to torrents.

Paid VPN services certainly have more advantages and opportunities, but as you can see, there are some excellent free suggestions as well.