The beginning of 2019 met us with a real bombshell ? NASA had published results of the modern telescope usage that is named as Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), which purpose is scanning the skies and finding new unknown planets. And employing TESS NASA has discovered three new worlds! Besides, three new planets outside of our solar system have been seen by TESS just during the first three months of operation.

The first of discovered planets is Pi Mensae c, which size is equal to two dimensions of Earth. Pi Mensae c rotates around its star for six days and is located in 60 light-years from our planet. The parent star of the discovered world is close to the Sun by characteristics.

The next discovered world is LHS 3884b. It is a rocky planet that is 1,3 times bigger than Earth and is located in 49 light-years from our planet (approximately in Indian constellation in a sky). The parent star of LHS 3884b is Red Dwarf Star which size is one-fifth of the Sun’s size. Rotation around its star takes only 11 hours, therefore bodies are located very close to each other (rock on the side turned to the Sun could become lava sometimes.)

The last discovered world by TESS is a planet called HD 21749b that is three times bigger and 23 times heavier than Earth. The time of rotation around its star is 36 days, and it is located in 53 light-years from our planet. The temperature on the heavenly body’s surface is 150 degrees Celsius. Scientists say that this planet is denser than Neptune is, but it is hardly rocky. Perhaps it is planet-ocean or has a very thick atmosphere.

Also, it’s possible that there is one more planet near HD 21749b which is almost the same size as our Earth and rotates around its star in 8 days, but this information isn’t approved for now. At the time scientists exploring more than 280 exoplanets-candidates suggested by TESS.

Space is a fantastic topic, and its peculiarities and bodies can be discovered eternally. So many new facts were opened while space science is existing. For example, a long time it was believed that there aren’t any planet with liquid water except Earth. And a little while ago NASA broke up with the news that there is running water on Mars as well!

Also, space is so unusual for people because we are always attracted to everything extraordinary, unknown an unexplored. Space is an enormous interplanetary, and interstellar area and our solar system is a tiny part of it. There are so many question and mysteries about it. Exploring outer space plays a significant role in the security of our lives on Earth. For example, employing special equipment scientists can warn of such natural phenomenon as strong hurricanes, flooding, magnetic storms and it helps to take appropriate actions beforehand.

So space discovering is developing eternally, and we will see what new planets are waiting for us in 2019!