The area for dog should have a fence and the necessary amenities so that if necessary the animal has the opportunity to sleep, play and hide from the weather. To organize a space suitable for these purposes, it is enough to build kennels for small dogs that will meet all its needs.

What are Dog Kennels

Before embarking on the manufacturing process, you need to determine what the structure should be, which will stand in the courtyard of the house. In the photos found on the network, aviaries have a different configuration and design. The appearance of the design depends on its purpose, size, and breed of the dog, the materials chosen, as well as the personal preferences of the owner of the animal.

Designs of Dog Enclosures are:

  • Temporary
  • Closed
  • Capital

Temporary enclosures open. The area reserved for keeping the dog is fenced with a net or fence. To equip the internal space, a booth is installed and flooring is formed. Such enclosures do not have a roof since the animal is in them temporarily.

Closed structures are classified as intermediate structures. For convenience, a floor is formed inside and a booth is placed. This type of enclosure is considered partially insulated since on three sides the territory for walking is enclosed by solid walls. The fourth surface has the form of a lattice to leave the animal the opportunity to observe what is happening in the yard.

Main Features

Features of enclosures for puppies and dogs of small breeds

In addition to street enclosures, there are also home structures that are operated in residential premises for keeping puppies. Such products have small dimensions and very lightweight. Most of these enclosures are prefabricated.

Inside, you must place:

  • soft litter
  • a bowl of water and food
  • a diaper or tray so that the dog can relieve itself
  • toys

At home, enclosures for Yorkies and dogs of other decorative breeds with miniature sizes are used. Some owners do not want to limit the freedom of their pets with the help of such an obstacle, but there are many situations where you can’t do without such a design.