Chinchilla like a home pet

Chinchilla is an adorable animal that attracts many people who have decided to have a pet. Chinchillas are active, you can buy them in any nearest pet shop, chinchillas like to jump around and play a lot. They are fabulous and funny pets to have. But there are a few things you should think about beforehand. The main one among them is a cage. That is not a secret that chinchilla can’t live in the house freely and it needs to own its separate home, i.e., cage.

The choice of the cage should be made attentively based on the animal’s needs, lifestyle and others. THERE ARE MOST


Find the best place for the cage. Of course, this point mostly depends on the cage’s size and your house’s layout. But there are some significant recommendations ? it is better not to put the pen just on the floor and avoid the windy place.

Also, don’t locate the chinchillas cage in the windy place, near electrical or gas appliances and prevent the direct sunlight. It is not as difficult as it sounds, you should think about the comfort of your pet’s staying.

It will influence much on the state of health of your chinchilla and how long it will live. And don’t forget that chinchillas are nocturnal animals, that’s why to put the cage in your bedroom won’t be a good idea for your comfort.

Chinchilla’s cage should have enough space. Chinchilla is a quite big rodent which has a lot of energy. Its favorite activity is jumping around. That’s why you should be sure that the size of your pet’s cage is enough for playtime, in another case the animal will have stress, and it hardly will please you with its funny and exciting behavior. Besides, this point can influence on the lifetime of your pet as well.

Check the cage’s bars and door. If you don’t want to search your chinchilla around the house, you should pay the special attention to the door’s lock.

It should be good and secure, so the pet won’t be able to open it. Chinchilla will escape its house if it has the opportunity to do it. They are the active and curious animals, and it makes them bored to sit on one spot.

Avoid wood cages. As chinchillas are rodents, to chew wood, rubber or plastic materials won’t be a big challenge for them. That’s why your best choice will be a metal cage. Don’t forget that chinchillas love to escape, so don’t give them a chance to make their ways out.

Check the cage for fun. Chinchillas can’t live without jumping and climbing. That’s why you should equip the cage with everything necessary for your pet’s active life. The chinchilla’s cage should have plenty of different attractions, platforms, and levels.

Chinchillas are very peaceful and amusing pets. If to provide them with the right and comfort environment, they won’t bring you much trouble and care of them will be only joyful and pleasing.