One of the greatest joys I experience as Superintendent is the privilege to visit our schools on a regular basis. These visits allow me to witness the magic that is happening in our classrooms. There is nothing I find more beautiful and inspiring than watching students as they experience the natural joy of learning, where anything is possible and every dream is achievable.

In an effort to share with you the sheer joy of these school visits, we are featuring Adelphia, Aldrich, Ardena, Ramtown and Middle School North during this release of our Open Mic@Howell. It is our hope that these video segments you are about to see convey the incredible magic in the spellbound eyes of our students as they learn and grow under the tutelage of our exceptional teachers, support staff, and administrators, who continue to be supported by our Board of Education.

Joseph Isola, Superintendent
Howell Township Public Schools



At Howell's Middle School North, STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math - are infused throughout all aspects of the curriculum. Students are challenged daily with personalized lessons that encourage high-level questioning, productive struggle, and the application of concepts and content to real life situations.  

Beyond the classroom, our students are provided with a multitude of opportunities to develop their STEM skills. Be it in our video production studio, Makerspace area, or after-school clubs (Robotics, computers, TSA and more), children are given the freedom and encouragement to design, build, and innovate.

Not every child will grow up to be a programmer, doctor, or scientist, but we know that the percentage of careers requiring STEM skills is growing every year.  We at Middle School North are proud to offer our students the strong foundation they need to succeed in whatever field of endeavor they choose to pursue.

Paul Farley, Principal
Middle School North

What is the "TSA" Club? In this short segments, students explain what it is and what it means to them.


As the world prepared for the Pyeongchang Olympics, the educators at Ramtown recognized that an incredible learning opportunity was about to present itself.  Global studies, for example: where is South Korea, and why are they in conflict with the North? English Language Arts: after all, good sports action is exciting and inviting to describe. And Science – haven’t you ever wondered why ski jumpers aren’t killed on every jump?

Beyond the core subjects, schools carry a lot of responsibility to teach other lessons: good sportsmanship, respect, loyalty, integrity, and teamwork. At Ramtown School, we’ve designed our Olympic Games to teach these skills in an incredibly fun and exciting way. While I don’t expect many of our young students to grow up and become Olympians, few will forget the life lessons they gained here at Ramtown during “the games.”

Albert Bohrer, Principal
Ramtown School


The Ardena and Adelphia students and families host an annual Multicultural Festival. The purpose of this festival is to promote awareness between cultures and educate students, parents, and staff about different cultures, foods, music, & traditions. This event educates our entire school community as we come together to celebrate cultures and traditions from different countries. This year’s theme is “One World, Many Stories” and through music, art, foods, attire, and display tables we will travel the world as a unified school community to experience and celebrate our differences.  

Dr. Deborah Pennell, Principal
Ardena School

Danielle Palazzolo, Principal
Adelphia School


At Aldrich School, there are many contributing factors to the academic success of our students. One of which is a program that has been recognized as a best practice in education, entitled Learning Walks. Learning Walks are similar to professional rounds that medical residents undergo at the very best teaching hospitals, except that it’s happening right here in the Howell Township Public Schools.

Innovations like these don’t come easily. Time and effort must be invested to cultivate a supportive culture where sharing and collaboration occur on a regular basis so that we can better serve our students. Our district administration has made this investment, and it’s paying off.  As you will see in the following Open Mic segment, Learning Walks are viewed by teachers in an extremely positive light.  As one teacher said, “It’s like taking a temperature check, and we get a chance to see what new ideas other teachers are trying.”

Drew Smith, Principal
Aldrich School